TILT #250

♥ Baking our first sourdough loaf… ♥ … Eating our first homebaked sourdough loaf (it was SO GOOD!) ♥ Celebrating 30/40 with a new chalkboard photo ♥ Being woken up with kisses from Jack ♥ Seeing the crib in our bedroom every day ♥ Feeling all of the movements from the little one inside me ♥ Getting a ball to bounce on ♥ Cuddling lots of gorgeous babies ♥ Watching the third season of Twin Peaks ♥ Autumn leaves ♥ Falling asleep with Jack’s hand on my tummy ♥


Happy Thursday! As estimated, this week has been extremely tiring for me… And the end of it is still a long way off. Nonetheless, there’s lots to be thankful for, so I’m mainly marching around the hospital with a smile plastered on my face, ha. Hope you’re well and are enjoying your week, whatever you’re up to!

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