TILT #167

♥ Jack being super supportive, encouraging and entirely wonderful ♥ Sleepy kitties ♥ Surviving (and enjoying!) my first clinical placement ♥ Yummy wine ♥ Seeing fireworks at Jack’s old school ♥ Cocktails and lunch at Granger & Co. ♥ An evening spent in Guildford ♥ My first visit to BottleDog ♥ Baking delicious bread and making homemade soup ♥ Catching-up with Paul, Louise & Holly ♥ Sharing good news with some of my favourite people ♥ Hugs ♥ Buying Christmas gifts ♥ Going through old school work and essays ♥


What a manic week! Everything is go-go-go around here, and I’m excited about everything..! Things are really fabulous right now, and it’s all getting better and better. I’m spending the majority of my days feeling grateful for having such amazing people in my life, and for being in the position to be able to pursue my dream career. I hope you’re having a wonderful week too!

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