TILT #237

♥ Our canal boat holiday last week was fantastic and just what the doctor ordered! ♥ I’m really enjoying listening to Zoë Keating this week ♥ Spending time with my family ♥ Coming home to B & G ♥ We’ve been playing a lot of The Forest lately – it’s pretty addictive so far! ♥ Cycling with Jack ♥ Sleeping in my own bed, ah! ♥ Playing Pandemic Legacy, finally! ♥ Sunshine ♥ Trying some T2 tea ♥ This fish carbonara recipe by Jamie Oliver, which I made on Tuesday. Yum! ♥ Ordering a new camera bag ♥ Delivering a gorgeous baby for a lovely couple ♥ Watching Jane the Virgin ♥


Hello lovelies! I just woke up after an eventful night shift and feel quite like I’d go back to sleep again… But hopefully that’s nothing that a cup of coffee, some breakfast and a snuggle in front of the television with some kitties won’t fix. Hope you’re having an awesome week and are feeling thankful for all the wonderful things in your life. Take care!

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