TILT #214

♥ Coming home to Jack after a long shift ♥ Wine and board games ♥ Getting to spend nearly an entire shift with one woman and her partner ♥ Spending time with Jack and Laurence ♥ Playing the violin ♥ Making a fuss of Bongo ♥ Sitting at our desk with one kitty on my lap and one kitty on the chair next to me ♥ Lots of good shifts on placement ♥ Making a start on buying Christmas gifts (!) ♥ Jack, Jack, Jack ♥ Reading Mariell’s birth story ♥


Things are falling into place for me this week, which is extra welcome after the struggles of last week. I’m feeling very grateful and content, which in my opinion, is the best way to spend my days feeling! Hope you are having a grand week, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are. Take care!

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