TILT #176


♥ Anticipation of moving into our new flat this weekend!! ♥ Lovely meals with Jack and his family ♥ Gin! ♥ Buying a brand new bed and super-comfy mattress ♥ Getting ahead on university work ♥ Meeting Paul for a wander around IKEA ♥ Finishing my second book this month ♥ Paint swatches ♥ The fabulousness that is brunch ♥ Catniss kisses ♥ Baked alaska ♥ Re-visiting Green Park (to go to the most darling restaurant with Jack and his family, ah!) ♥ Jack ♥ Being thankful for being able to surround myself with wonderful people who are kind, thoughtful and I love very much ♥


You guys. YOU GUYS! I know that the turn around of Jack and I finding our flat and getting to the stage where we can move in has actually been pretty swift compared to some folks, but wow, it feels like a long time coming! We first viewed it way back in October (the day this photo was taken!), and between then and now it’s been either waiting or rushing around to get our mortgage, meet our solicitor, sign contracts and get things done… We handed our deposit over this week, and are now waiting patiently for the moment when the keys are in our hands! Hope you’re all having a marvelous week too, and that January and 2016 are proving to be as wonderful for you as they are for me so far!

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