TILT #188

♥ Roast dinner ♥ Buying tulips ♥ Relaxed strolls in the sunshine ♥ Phone-calls with my mum ♥ Seeing Emily for the first time since placement ♥ Making plans to see folks ♥ Board games with Paul, Louise and Bags ♥ Going to Lemon Witch Kitchen for pancakes (SO GOOD!) ♥ Finally winning Pandemic ♥ Playing L4D2 for the first time in about a year (!) ♥ Having shelving in the office ♥ Watching Barns and Ginger enjoy the roof terrace ♥ Our new gallery wall in the living room ♥ Having been able to spend the whole of last week with Jack, eee! ♥

Happy Thursday friends! I’ve been back at university this week, though it has been a fairly quiet one, as it’s been predominantly essay writing, essay writing and a bit more essay writing..! The weather has been all sorts of gorgeous, which makes me super happy. Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine whatever you’re up to, too!

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