TILT #201


♥ Making visible progress on decorating our bathroom ♥ Family lunches ♥ Passing my mock MCQ ♥ The smell when it rains ♥ Laughing non-stop with Jack ♥ Seeing Caroline & Nori ♥ Walking into Leigh ♥ Delicious wine and yummy craft beer ♥ Pogging pizza ♥ The silly questions Jack comes up with when I practice my OSCE on him ♥ Our roof terrace looking green and luscious ♥ The joy of a new cupboard for organising things in ♥


Phew! I’m off into uni for yet another formative exam, but this one I’m feeling mildly confident about… So that’s a bit lifting! Hope you guys are having a grand day whatever you’re up to. Take care!

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