TILT #258

♥ Cuddling Arthur & Jack ♥ Having a lovely first Mothers’ Day ♥ Seeing Lisa & Edie ♥ Napping with Arthur on my chest ♥ Jack fixing our plumbing ♥ Our new kitchen sink arriving ♥ Beginning our first DND game ♥ Taking Arthur for his first swimming lesson ♥ Watching The Greatest Showman with the NCT ladies ♥ Going for a walk in the sunshine ♥ All of Arthur’s gorgeous smiles ♥ Finally getting the kitchen tidied post-sink flooding! ♥


This week has been a pretty trying one… On Friday our kitchen sink started backing-up, overflowing and leaking all over our kitchen floor. We’re still tidying up from the ensuing chaos (it leaked into drawers & cupboards, so everything has needed to be cleaned!). Just another one of the things which seems to be happening for us this year..! (I’m sure I’ll write about the others soon.)




You have to laugh, or at least Jack and I are pretty good at laughing about it. It’s certainly led to some re-appreciation of working plumbing, our dishwasher and washer/dryer! Plus, it gave us the kick in the arse we needed to order our new kitchen sink… So we’re one step closer to getting rid of the one we have! (A constant source of anger and annoyance.) Hurrah!


Anyway, it’s good to be back here and writing lists of love – it’s a lovely feeling to write out everything I’m feeling grateful for each week.


Hope you’re having a lovely week and have plenty of lovely things to feel grateful for, too!


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