TILT #210

♥ Freshly ground coffee ♥ Scrubbing up in theatre for the first time (!) ♥ … And getting to “take a baby” in theatre for the first time (!!) ♥ Getting loads of DIY done at the weekend ♥ Having shifts confirmed for October ♥  Sunday roasts ♥ Cuddles ♥ Luxuriating in being able to lay-in for ages, mmm! ♥ Feeling super grateful for everything and everyone in my life right now ♥ One my mentors being a true advocate and getting a doctor to apologise to a woman ♥ Delicious white wine ♥ My September playlist ♥ And, last but not least… Jack buying us a KitchenAid (!!!) ♥


So, after some Saturday afternoon/evening shenanigans, we’re going to be heading home to mix-up and bake our first thing with our new toy (!) which we’re super excited about. We just need to decide what the first thing should be…

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