TILT #235

♥ Walking into the town with Jack ♥ Sunshine ♥ Playing my violin ♥ New succulents from Elise! ♥ White Collar watching a-go-go ♥ Listening to Ansiktet on repeat ♥ Looking after a really lovely lady (and getting to deliver her baby, too!) ♥ Reading in the bath ♥ Catching-up with the uni ladies ♥ Seeing Holly and Billy for board games ♥ Nearly finishing the first draft of my essay (yeehaw!) ♥ Delicious white wine ♥ Jack being amazing, always ♥ Two kitties nesting around me while I read on the sofa, d’aw! ♥
Happy Thursday, friends! It’s been a week back at university to me – I miss placement this week, but I definitely needed some time back sleeping during the nights and being awake during the day..! I’m also looking forward to having a weekend at the weekend, ha. Hope you’ve had a rad week so far – take care!

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