Things I Love Thursday #150

♥ The pint of chocolate milk I’m drinking right now (with a full tray of ice cubes, mmm!) ♥ Gorgeous weather ♥ Doing embroidery ♥ Long phone-calls to Jack… ♥ … Looking forward to Jack being back in England at the weekend ♥ Watching Hair (such a guilty pleasure!) ♥ Roasted broccoli with Parmesan ♥ Anticipation of attending uni next week (!) ♥ Walking ♥ Ordering and receiving Gala Darling’s #RSL book ♥


So many things are going on this week, it’s really nice to sit down and write lists like this to stop myself from running around and just appreciate all of the wonderful things that are going on in my life. What are you feeling grateful for this week?


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