TILT #172

♥ Fairy lights ♥ The satisfaction of finishing wrapping piles of presents! ♥ Getting 2/3s of the first draft of an essay written..! ♥ Pink tea ♥ Brunch at Stop The World ♥ My first mince pies of the year ♥ Writing Christmas cards ♥ Lamb roast ♥ Candles ♥ Listening to Violents ♥ Playing Don’t Starve Together with Jack ♥


Hello there, Thursday! It’s been another one of those whirlwind weeks for me, with tons to do, and tons to be thankful for. I’m feeling really excited for Christmas this year – I think it always feels like it’s a surprise when December rolls around, but it feels like pretty good timing, this year. Hope you’re all getting into the Christmas spirit too, and are having a lovely week!


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