TILT #241

♥ Brunch at Ozone ♥ Finally framing some more of our prints ♥ Takeaway and Eurovision night with my folks ♥ Playing Tiny Brains! ♥ Tidying the flat from top to bottom ♥ Colourful flowers ♥ The sound of the rain on our skylight ♥ An afternoon shopping with my ma ♥ The moment when Jack gets home from work (<3<3) ♥ Looking forward to seeing Iron Maiden this weekend..! ♥ … And seeing Rob and Lauren, too! ♥ Lovely new shoes from my ma ♥ Kitty cuddles ♥ Watching Anne with an E ♥


Happy happy Thursday! I’ve not been on my computer much this week as I’ve been busy, busy, busy prepping for my upcoming exam. The next week or so is likely to be similar – my link round-up post will probably be up on the Monday rather than the Sunday (especially as I won’t be back from Cheshire until Sunday night!)… But we’ll see!


I hope you’re having a lovely week whatever you’re up to – take care!

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