Things I Love Thursday #146


♥ Hearing from university about my pre-course day (eee!) ♥ Seeing lots of lovely folks ♥ Sleeping in my own bed ♥ Getting up-to-date with Getty submissions ♥ Getting local work ♥ Breakfast with Jack ♥ Warm weather ♥ Swimming a mile ♥ Going for a wander around Mucking Nature Park ♥ Completing a photo an hour for June ♥ Having a wonderful, supportive and lovely family ♥


Phew! This week has been all sorts of challenging already… And today a very important person in my life is going into hospital for a big operation, so I’m feeling all sorts of things – nervous about the operation, grateful for the NHS and the healthcare staff who look after us all, lots of love for my wonderful family, and all of the hope that everything will go as well as it possibly can.

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