TILT #206

♥ Coffee coffee coffee ♥ Seeing Sarah ♥ Going for a bike ride with Jack ♥ Starting to learn Swedish on Duolingo ♥ Finishing my Getty uploads up to July (!) ♥ These ridiculous photos taken by Kaylah! ♥ Making a bunch of new (mostly healthy) recipes this week ♥ Walks in the sunshine ♥ Using homegrown herbs from our roof terrace ♥ The beautiful place that we call home ♥ DIY projects coming to fruition! ♥


Happy Thursday friends! After a DIY day at Sarah’s yesterday, our flat is getting two DIY days on the trot from today! My folks are coming over today, and Sarah is coming over tomorrow. The flat won’t know what hit it..! Hope you’re having a grand week whatever you’re up to. Take care!

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