TILT #184

♥ Delivering a baby for the first time (!!) ♥ Meeting Ally and Ali for a delicious dinner at Ceviche ♥ Barns and Ginger meeting each other and seemingly getting on with each other just fine (!) ♥ Cooking a Sunday roast with Jack ♥ Lousey, Lauren and Luke coming over for dinner and board games! ♥ Getting over the cough/cold/headache/grimness that I developed last week – euch! ♥ Catching up with Emily ♥ Tackling cleaning the flat from top to bottom with gusto (such a nice feeling when you know it’s tidy and clean! Hurrah!) ♥ Noticing that the people across the road from us own a bunny which hops to their back gate to see what’s going on from time to time (so cute!) ♥ Being so lucky to have Jack in my life ♥ Gearing up for my two week holiday in April, whoop whoop! ♥ Playing Don’t Starve Together ♥


Eee! I’m feeling pretty happy post the aftermath of my illness last week and am super excited to be productive at the end of this week. I have three night shifts in a row lined up for me (!!) and I’m hoping this burst of enthusiasm will see me through. Hope you’re having a marvelous week, whatever you’re up to – take care!

2 Replies to “TILT #184”

  1. Wow, huge congrats on delivering a baby(!!!!)

    Aww, the bunny! That is too adorable 😀 I’d love a house rabbit, but my mum is not at all keen. I guess I will have to stick with hamsters!

    1. Thank you! This placement has been amazing! Aw, that’s a shame. Still, hamsters are totally awesome! 🙂

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