TILT #227

♥ Celebrating a year in our flat (!!) ♥ A lovely meal with my family ♥ Homemade martinis ♥ Salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast ♥ Getting through some sad and busy shifts ♥ Catching-up with the uni ladies ♥ Snuggling in front of the television ♥ Laughter ♥ Waking up to two kitties lying on top of me ♥ Jack ♥ Takeaway pizza ♥ Getting to grips with phlebotomy ♥ Getting into my pajamas after a long day ♥


Happy Thursday, friends! I worked my penultimate shift of the week today, and am feeling pretty darned worn-out for it. Thankfully, I cooked a pie in advance for our dinner, so we got to gobble swiftly with little effort, tonight. It’s nearing 2300 as I’m writing this, and my eyes and brain are truly worn out. Tomorrow I have the day off, and if I’m honest, I plan to do as little as possible..! Hope you have had a lovely week and are looking forward to greeting the weekend, whether you’re working like me, or having a weekend break from whatever pays your bills. Take care, folks!


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