TILT #263

♥ Arthur properly rolling over by himself for the first time, eee! ♥ Meeting Lisa & Edie ♥ Brunch at Lemon Witch ♥ Seeing how strong Arthur is getting ♥ Finally catching up with photo editing and some portfolio work! ♥ Walks along the seafront ♥ Swapping our kitchen table out for a hand-me-down from Laurence (so much more space!) ♥ Trying out some scanography ideas ♥ Making big plans ♥ Having a clean, tidy flat ♥ Taking Arthur to Moo Music ♥ Going shopping with Arthur and my mum ♥ New nursing dresses¬†♥ Babies that look like matching bookends when they’re fast asleep in their prams ♥ All of the lovely feedback I got from my photo an hour day on my Instagram stories!¬†♥


Hope you’re having a happy, happy Thursday!

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