TILT #168

♥ Surviving my first week of clinical placements and making a dent in my second week, too! ♥ Spending time in Westcliff and Leigh ♥ Trying new wines with Jack ♥ Buying Christmas gifts ♥ Receiving good feedback from my mentor ♥ Learning lots of new skills ♥ Making plans ♥ Netflix and cuddles with Jack ♥ Warm, clean sheets straight out of the tumble dryer ♥ Beautiful sunrises and sunsets ♥ Sososo many things about day-to-day life in placement! ♥


Another whirlwind of a week! It’s been really amazing to be able to support families and learn new skills this week, every day I’m in placement I feel really good about my life and all of the positive changes that are happening. Hope this week has been treating you all well – take care!


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