Things I Love Thursday #82

♥ Flowers! Outside, inside, fresh, pressed, dried… Flowers, flowers, flowers! ♥ Our boiler finally working (!) is a truly magical experience… ♥ Big cups of tea ♥ Having the best parents in the world ♥ My new fox sleep mask (it’s SO good!) ♥ Belle & Sebastian ♥ Managing to memorise the route from the flat to work ♥ Framing Moomin prints and putting them on the walls ♥ Annika Norlin (biggest girl crush in the world at her!) ♥ Ma sending me a cute photo of Barns ♥ Hearing the birds singing first thing in the morning, before I go to bed ♥ Dave being the most awesome boyfriend in the history of forever ♥ Making plans to buy gifts for my favourite people ♥ Impromptu pianists playing in pubs ♥ Playing with my neighbours’ cats ♥ Getting Tove Jansson books with book vouchers ♥ Having reached what I believe to be the halfway point of Dave’s scarf. Yay! ♥ Finishing the book I’ve been struggling through for the past few weeks. Finally! ♥ Mini dime bars ♥ My new insect vase ♥ Anticipation of sleeping until I feel like waking up at the weekend – bliss!


I’ve been struggling rather monumentally with life this week. I’ve found that such times are the best ones to find gratitude wherever and whenever you can, so this week’s list is a little different to the normal lists I produce. I’m memorising – be kind, be thankful, take it slowly, smile, breathe, get on with it, be happy.


Things I Love Thursday is an idea created by the inimitable Gala Darling. In 2007 she began creating a list every Thursday, sharing links, people and experiences that she had fallen in love with that week. All over the internet people the idea was passed around: everyone loved the concept of celebrating appreciation and thankfulness together and began creating their own lists… This is mine!


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