TILT #251

♥ LAN party time! ♥ Good halfway feedback from my mentor ♥ Packing baby’s hospital bag (!) ♥ Mince pies, mince pies, mince pies ♥ Playing Shift Happens with Jack ♥ Getting to care for a woman postnatally that I cared for both antenatally and intrapartum! ♥ Bring a dozen LOS doughnuts to munch on with the LAN party folks ♥ Yoga lessons ♥ Reaching 2 months left until our due date (!!) ♥ Candlelit dinners ♥ Homemade apple pie ♥ Always, always, baby wriggling around like crazy ♥


Happy Thursday… Friday! We’re at the biannual LAN party having a lovely time and feeling very happy to be here. This is about as close as we’ll get to a “babymoon” so we’re enjoying every second!

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