TILT #189

♥ Reading in the bath ♥ Waking up next to Jack ♥ Playing fiddle at a barn dance ♥ Seeing Catniss and Squirrel ♥ Meeting-up with Lisa ♥ Creating a herb garden thanks to my gran! ♥ Roast dinners with family ♥ Being 9/10s into my essay ♥ My new haircut… ♥ … And Jack’s new haircut! ♥ Attending some really awesome lectures at university ♥

Hey there Thursday! Another sunny, yet blustery week seems to be running away from me. I feel like I’ve spent the majority of it writing this essay (when will it finish?!) so I was super-pleased when I finished typing this evening and saw how few words I have left to type (thank goodness!). Hope you’re having a great week!

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