TILT #202

♥ A wonderful evening by the sea with Jack ♥ A lovely shift ♥ Meeting Jenn for the first time (!!) ♥ Having really, really nearly finished my paperwork for year 1 ♥ Kitty cuddles ♥ Beautiful sunshine-y days ♥ HIMYM ♥ Spending time with Laurence ♥


Happy Thursday friends! I’m feeling pretty on top of the world today – I’m feeling super close to the relief of having finished this year… Which has been weighing quite heavily on me for the past few weeks! A couple more things need to be ticked, double-checked and signed, but my paperwork is practically finished. Three exams to go (!) and then providing they all go well (..!) I will be able to call myself a second year. Whoahhh!

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