TILT #219

♥ Meeting up with Caroline and Nori… ♥ And the four of us all had scrumptious breakfasts! ♥ Keeping on track with some daily goals ♥ Looking at some realistic, perfect, beautiful photos of birth ♥ Playing some Battlerite ♥ Seeing Kate and Ted and getting to cuddle some of my favourite dogs and cats ♥ Ducks being adorable ♥ The fact that Monty and Woody have the loudest purrs in the world ♥ Spending some time with Luke in Oxford ♥ Hot chocolate with ice cream (!) ♥ Ginger’s new found habit of drinking water from the plug hole ♥ Reading a new book ♥ Doing midwifery research ♥


Happy Thursday friends! When I sat down to write this list I had a momentary struggle to even remember what has happened in the past seven days… There’s been a fair amount going on! Tonight I’m looking forward to cooking Jack a lovely dinner (duck breasts, nom!) and chilling out together with the cats. I have a feeling that some mince pies might happen later in the evening, too..! (How fabulous is it that we can have mince pies again? Ah!)

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