TILT #177 (on a Friday!)


♥ Moving into our flat! ♥ Sharing a bottle of the most delicious champagne ♥ Spending lots of time with Jack ♥ The slow, but wonderful satisfaction of fixing and decorating ♥ Receiving dates for my next clinical placement ♥ Discovering take-away roast dinner ♥ Freshly ground coffee ♥ Being so close to the sea ♥ Seeing some of the most beautiful sunrises this week ♥


Happy Friday lovelies! I can’t believe a week ago we bought our flat together – the time has flown by! Friday TILT because my PC hasn’t arrived yet, and yesterday was choc-a-bloc with uni, collecting things and DIY… So I’m using Jack’s PC today! Hope you’ve all had a grand week and are taking care of yourselves!

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