TILT #259

♥ Finally finishing the game we were working our way through during my labour! ♥ Meeting baby Lorelai… ♥ … And seeing Kat, Kez & Jarvis for the first time since we became parents ♥ Swimming with Arthur ♥ Playing Kodama ♥ Buying Arthur some new bits & bobs ♥ Managing to get to London just Arthur and me ♥ Snow ♥ Daytime naps with Arthur when I’m feeling knackered ♥ Seeing Jack and Arthur together ♥


Today started off with me feeling completely overwhelmed – we were out Tuesday and Wednesday, so the flat was a big ol’ mess, and after spending a long time walking with Arthur in our baby carrier on the Wednesday I was feeling ridiculously sore and tired… But he had a small nap quite early in the day, and I was able to plough on with some of my to-do list! Once I’ve knocked off a few things, I always feel more capable to attack the rest, so it was a pretty productive day overall.


I hope you’re having a grand week and have had a lovely day, whatever you have been up to. Happy Thursday, friends!

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