TILT #211

♥ Being a second year ♥ Baking bread with Jack ♥ (And using our KitchenAid for the first time!) ♥ Meeting Charlotte for pancakes and shopping ♥ Board games with Paul and Louise ♥ Making the most delicious mushroom soup ♥ Getting to spend time with lovely folks at Bags’ leaving lunch ♥ Seeing Holly for breakfast ♥ Making plans ♥ Afternoon tea with my mum and grandma ♥ Playing pool with Jack ♥


Lots to be thankful for, as always! This week has been fairly slow paced, but with the advent of becoming a second year I’ve felt pretty stressed out… When I’m feeling like that, it’s always good to sit back with a cup of tea and think about all of the good things happening right now. As ever, I’m super thankful that Jack is the sweetest, calmest man ever, and works hard to keep me grounded and smiling. I’m an extremely lucky woman!

Whatever is going on in your life this week, I hope you take some time for yourself and remember all of the good things. Take care, lovelies.

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