TILT #236

♥ Board games with Ally and Ali ♥ Watching iZombie (!) ♥ Finishing my book ♥ Finally handing in my essay (the relief!) ♥ Playing Shift Happens with Jack ♥ Scrubbing up with the uni ladies ♥ Getting a chip on my windscreen fixed ♥ Yummy wine ♥ Having a haircut ♥ Playing Ravens of Thri Sahashri for the first time ♥ … Buying two new games from our favourite board game shop! ♥
Afternoon lovelies! Jack’s been working from home today, so I’ve been enjoying working side by side in our little office (more importantly, I’m looking forward to him “getting home” 90 minutes earlier than usual, ha!). Tomorrow is my last lecture for this semester, and I have a two week break starting on Saturday… I can’t wait! Hope you’re having a fab week – take care!

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