Things I Love Thursday #151

♥ Attending a pre-course day at university – I can’t wait to get started in September! ♥ Meeting some of the ladies who will be on my course ♥ Picking Jack up from the airport so I could see him as soon as he arrived back in England! ♥ Settling in working with a new client ♥ Mojitos! ♥ Starting to read Gala’s #RSL book ♥ Spending time with Jack ♥ Watching Pramface and Twin Peaks ♥ Cooking scallops ♥ Doing lots of DIY with Laurence… ♥ … And picking paint and carpets! ♥ Receiving Happy Mail from the ladies at ABM ♥ Looking forward to going to the #Pickledpopup at Bean & Hop tonight ♥ Cuddles with Ginger (Jack’s kitty) ♥


So many things to feel grateful for right now! My pre-course day at university was a great day to get to know loads of wonderful ladies, and I’m utterly stoked to be starting my course in less than two months (!!). Eeee!


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