TILT #256

♥ Seeing Lisa and Edie! ♥ Having our 36/40 scan ♥ Making a bunch of batch cook meals for our freezer ♥ Finally getting my paperwork done for my last placement! ♥ Having a ridiculously indulgent hot chocolate (& galette!) at Lemon Witch Kitchen ♥ Getting a bit of Getty work done ♥ Seeing B & G enjoy playing in cardboard boxes ♥ Fresh sheets ♥ Getting lots of Christmas wrapping done and dusted! ♥ The smell of our new candle ♥


Happy Thursday friends! This week I’m still struggling to come to terms with the fact that December is almost upon us – in 8 days it will actually be here! Crazy stuff. In other news, I have just over that until my second placement for year three is done and dusted, just in time for baby to arrive… Fingers crossed! Take care – hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

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