TILT #232

♥ Catching some babies ♥ Waking Jack up with cuddles when I get home from a night shift ♥ Playing Planet Coaster ♥ Catching-up with Emily ♥ Tasty, tasty coffee ♥ Laughing uncontrollably ♥ The cute, funny things people say when using Entonox ♥ Being with women ♥ Really delicious cups of tea ♥ Jack running a candle-lit bath for me when I got home from a 13 hour shift ♥

Howdi folks! I’ve been up for about 30 hours now, minus a tiny nap in front of the television – trying to stay up after night shifts definitely does not come naturally to me! Lots to be thankful for this week – hope you’re having a lovely one too. Take care!

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