TILT #220

♥ Homemade squash soup ♥ Going for a night out with my favourite uni ladies ♥ Watching Gilmore Girls with Jack ♥ Seeing DanSmall at our local folk club ♥ Flowers ♥ Receiving our first Christmas gift (!) ♥ Night-time walks ♥ Mince pies ♥ Wearing make-up ♥ Playing Battlerite ♥ Being in bed and listening to the rain on the windows ♥ Getting my best Getty statement of the year so far ♥ Sloe gin ♥


As always I have lots and lots to be thankful for this week! Even though there hasn’t been a lot going on, I feel like it’s been hectic, hectic, hectic – my body is constantly ready to have a rest right now and I definitely think that hibernation sounds increasingly appealing. Tomorrow is my last day of university for a little while, as I’m back on placement for a couple of weeks (this second year is making me feel like a yo-yo in terms of coming and going between the university and the hospital!). I’m excited and nervous, as I’ll be working on a ward I’ve not worked on before – eep!


Hope you’re all well and taking joy in the happy things. Take care!

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