TILT #182

♥ Having some fab shifts at placement ♥ Cuddles with Jack ♥ Decorating progress! ♥ Sunday roasts with family ♥ Our new succulents, Spike and Spock ♥ Making plans ♥ My discover weekly playlist on Spotify ♥ Dinner at Wagamama ♥ Poached eggs with trout & homemade hollandaise! ♥ Unexpectedly pink walls ♥ New photo frames ♥ Delicious coffee in my V60 ♥ Taking photos on the roof ♥

Happy Thursday, friends! I can’t believe that this time next week, we’ll be a few days into March (!) whoah! I’m coming to terms with working more nights than days right now, and as a result I feel like sleeping most of the time… Which doesn’t make for the most productive version of me! None-the-less, we’ve been making good progress with the flat, and I’m still enjoying my placement. Hope you’re having a grand week!

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