TILT #207

♥ Homegrown vegetables and fruit from my ma and Elise ♥ Going for the longest bike ride I’ve ever done (!) with Jack ♥ Enjoying the Bermondsey Beer Mile ♥ New Dresses from People Tree ♥ Beautiful sunshine ♥ Our sunflowers growing big and strong! ♥ Cooking some more new recipes ♥ Playing Overcooked with Jack ♥ Booking a holiday for next week (!!) ♥ Waking up to my favourite person and two furry lovelies on us/snuggled in the crooks of knees ♥ Passing all my exams with flying colours ♥


Howdi and happy Thursday, folks! I’m off to meet Avalon tonight for sushi (!) and I’m excited to see her, as I’ve not seen her in what feels like forever. My plans between now and then involve painting our hallway (!), making a start on my uploads for Getty:August and watering all of the plant babies..! Wish me luck, guys. Hope you have a grand day!

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