TILT #228

♥ Jack being wonderful, as always ♥ Putting effort into doing the small things to make me feel happy ♥ Joining in with some themed daily photo projects ♥ Mozzarella pasta bake ♥ Call the Midwife ♥ Being just over two weeks behind on my Getty uploads – I’m so close to being up-to-date! ♥ Looking after two lovely ladies in labour ♥ Waking Jack up with breakfast and coffee after a night shift ♥ Babies keeping one eye open and one eye closed to keep an eye on the room ♥ My seaside stroll ♥ B & G exploring the frosty roof terrace ♥


Good afternoon lovelies! I’m currently half awake, half asleep, as is the usual when you wake up between night shifts… Last night was quite an eventful one, and as ever, I feel like I’m learning a lot on placement.

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