TILT #242 (on a Friday!)

♥ Seeing Iron Maiden (!!) ♥ Getting my second OSCE exam out of the way ♥ Sunshine ♥ Going to Stop the World with my mum ♥ Watching the cats enjoy the roof terrace ♥ Seeing Rob, Lauren and Laurence ♥ Making the biggest batch of bolognaise for the freezer (ready for my next placement!) ♥


Happy Friday lovelies! It’s been another intense week preparing for my final OSCE of the year (!) which I took yesterday… All my fingers and toes will remain crossed until I get the results of these past two exams, eep! After a long day, I didn’t really feel up to writing a post, so I just dropped in front of the television before going to bed! Hope you’re having a lovely week whatever you’ve been up to!

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