TILT #169

♥ Spending time with Jack and his family ♥ Receiving great feedback from mentors and colleagues about my work ♥ Barns and Catniss snuggling up with me after I finish night shifts ♥ Buying more Christmas gifts and cards ♥ Feeling like I’m actually helping on placement ♥ Jack being Jack ♥ Seeing the sunrise on my drive home from work ♥ My new LUSH shower gel (Yuzu and Cocoa, yum) ♥ Gaming for the first time in months ♥ Meeting up for beers with Jack, Lousey and Bags ♥


Phew, phew, phew! There’s (yet again!) been a lot going on for me this week. I’ve been at university, as well as being at clinical placement, I’ve worked my first night shifts at clinical placement and been working my way through some other big shifts in my life. I’m feeling super grateful and loved up from all of the support I’ve been getting from Jack, my family and friends, as well as some super amazing colleagues in placement, too. I hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday and are feeling good about what’s going on in your life, too!


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