TILT #238

♥ Finishing my second placement, yeehaw! ♥ Having some gloriously short shifts ♥ Cuddles with Jack and the kitties ♥ Ridiculous o’clock fries and nuggets after an ambulance transfer ♥ Getting crafty with some wool… ♥ … And Ginger getting super excited, because he adores wool! ♥ Being on a placement where I’m working zero nights. Ahh! ♥ Stovetop mac ‘n’ cheese ♥ Working with some kind, lovely folks ♥ White chocolate ♥ Slowly, but surely, uploading photos to Flickr ♥ Bubble baths ♥


Hello friends! For once, I’ve finished working a day shift and got to come home while it’s still light outside… It’s glorious! I’m doing two-week stint of non-midwifery placements at the moment, and the first week is going really well. Hope you’re having a lovely week too – take care!

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