TILT #216

♥ Taking part in the #BadWitchChallenge ♥ Getting through my suturing skills session ♥ Playing Don’t Starve with Jack ♥ Making a scrumptious curry ♥ Seeing my ma ♥ Finally coming up with a costume idea for the LAN Hallowe’en! ♥ Looking forward to being back at university ♥ Being snuggled up in bed ♥ Having an amazingly supportive group of folks in my life ♥ Realising that a year ago this week Jack and I visited our flat for the first time and fell in love with it ♥ Using Jack’s bike trainer ♥ Baking and eating black forest gateâu ♥ Tidying the flat ♥ Salami on hot, buttered toast (mmm!) ♥ The smell of freshly ground coffee beans ♥ Having tidied our roof terrace ♥ That moment when Jack comes home from work in the evening ♥ Getting words and phrases right in DuoLingo ♥


Another week providing to be a bit of a struggle… So all the more reason to attack a list of love with vigour! Hope you’re taking care of yourself and the ones you love – be kind to your fine selves and each other.

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