TILT #178

♥ Waking-up with Jack ♥ Visiting Stop The World ♥ Baby-sitting Dom ♥ Finishing my least-favourite module at university (!) ♥ Celebrating Suki’s birthday ♥ Making the finishing touches to the paint-work in our living room ♥ Having fresh, new carpets! ♥ The anticipation of having things like a real bed, a sofa, a table and chairs… ♥ Being ridiculous and silly with Jack as much as possible ♥ Watching Making a Murderer ♥ Apt daily notes from The Universe ♥ Watching movies with Jack and Dom ♥ Seeing lots of family ♥


Happy Thursday you guys! It’s move day today and I’m feeling really excited… I’m ready to go and jump from one foot to the other in anticipation of our home feeling more complete. Ahh! Take care of yourselves, hope you have a great day! (… Wish us luck!!)

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