TILT #190

♥ Baking brownies ♥ Finishing essays (!!) ♥ Pan-fried duck ♥ Finding out who my next mentor is ♥ Kitty cuddles ♥ Passing my mock safe medicate exam with flying colours ♥ Running along the seafront at Southend ♥ The most delicious meal at Pipe of Port with Jack and his folks (also, the wine flights we had with the meal – ahh!) ♥ Being with Jack ♥ Cocktails at The Royal Hotel ♥ The seeds we planted last week starting to sprout ♥


Thursday! Hey! I’m pretty on top of the world, having put the finishing touches to the essay I’ve been going on about for a while – it’s finally gone! Better yet, I’m off to Cheshire today for the bi-annual LAN party, woohoo! I had to miss the last one as I was on placement, so I’m feeling extra pumped this time. Especially seeing as Jack is joining in too! Hope you’re having a grand Thursday whatever you’re up to!

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