TILT #273

♥ Me and Arthur meeting up with my dad and step-mum at Bluewater ♥ The beautiful sunshine this week ♥ Seeing Lisa and Edie! ♥ Getting new tea from T2, including 2 samples! ♥ A lovely weekend with Jack’s folks ♥ Seeing Avalon and Steve for lunch and beer ♥ Meeting up with our NCT friends ♥ The rapid rate which Arthur is learning new skills at! ♥


Happy Thursday guys! This week has been on the verge of too hot for us, but we’ve been careful to stay in the shade and open the windows and doors to get a breeze going at home. We’re super excited, because a week today is Jack’s last day at work before he gets some time off (before starting his new job!). Yay! Hope you’re having a lovely week and are enjoying sunshine, too. Take care folks!



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