TILT #248

♥ Finally finishing editing the photos from Caroline and Nori’s wedding! ♥ Seeing Laurence and Luke and meeting Lydia for the first time ♥ Not hearing back from my GTT, yay! ♥ Jack’s hand on my belly at night ♥ Lunch with the uni ladies ♥ Spending the weekend in Oxfordshire with Jack’s family ♥ The baby wriggling along to Vivaldi ♥ Open fires ♥ Allowing myself to start creating a mini wardrobe for the baby (!) ♥ Yummy chocolate cake and cream ♥ Getting a new washer dryer… ♥ … Which means we’re now enjoying eating meals at our kitchen table! (Which was difficult when we permanently had a clothes horse up in the kitchen) Eee! ♥


It actually took me until Sunday to realise that I’d forgotten to put a Things I Love Thursday post up last week… Oops! Apparently it takes a while to get back into the swing of this blogging malarky..!

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