TILT #260

♥ Our lovely weekend away in Lyme Regis! ♥ Eating lots of delicious food ♥ Listening to MDWAP ♥ Playing our new game, “The Fox in the Forest” ♥ Cuddles with Jack & Arthur ♥ Beach walks ♥ Finding the loveliest coffee shop ♥ Friendly strangers telling us how perfect Arthur is ♥ Going to morris ♥ Eating all of the cheese ♥ Drinking coffee ♥ Sunshine ♥


We got back from our long weekend in Lyme Regis on Tuesday, feeling sad to be leaving but also happy to be home with Barns and Ginger! At some point I will properly share some of the photos I took, but as I’ve only just started earnestly editing photos from March, I think they’ll be a while yet…


Hope you’re having a lovely week!

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