Things I Love Thursday #92


♥ Cherry pie! My mum makes the best cherry pie in the world. ♥ Catching up with family ♥ Watching Gossip Girl (!) ♥ Hummus ♥ Seeing Squirrel play with a laser pen for the first time (entirely adorable!) ♥ Playing QuizUp ♥ Going to morris! It was the best practice in forever and my legs ached for days – yay! ♥ The arrival of strawberry season ♥

Things I Love Thursday is an idea created by the inimitable Gala Darling. In 2007 she began creating a list every Thursday, sharing links, people and experiences that she had fallen in love with that week. All over the internet people the idea was passed around: everyone loved the concept of celebrating appreciation and thankfulness together and began creating their own lists… This is mine!


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