TILT #225

♥ Getting to spend the entirety of Christmas with Jack ♥ Making and baking croissants from scratch for our Christmas breakfast (!!) ♥ Seeing all of our presents under the tree ♥ The gorgeous cat wrapping paper that Jack wrapped my gifts in ♥ Giving the cats a chicken Christmas breakfast ♥ Getting to spend Christmas day with my family… ♥ … And getting to spend Boxing day with Jack’s family! ♥ Playing plenty of board games ♥ Sampling many exciting drinks ♥ Cheese, cheese, cheese ♥ Playing Speedrunners ♥ My hair smelling like custard ♥ Having a mini-LAN at Rob and Lauren’s ♥ Finally finishing a game of Game of Thrones the board game ♥ Wearing my new slippers constantly ♥ Listening to the MDWAP Christmas Special ♥ Mass games of Don’t Starve Together! ♥ G & B playing together ♥ Eating all of the delicious food! ♥


Hello again lovelies! I hope you’ve had a marvelous Christmas and have celebrated with plenty of yummy things… And here’s to hoping that you give 2016 a good send off and are ready to greet 2017 with open arms!

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