TILT #199


♥ Fresh cherries arriving on supermarket shelves ♥ Seeing all of the university ladies ♥ Family BBQs ♥ One of my lecturers referring to me as “the Libby” when demonstrating fetal positioning on me (!) ♥ Lots of fish dinners ♥ Meeting some of Jack’s school friends for the first time ♥ Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails! ♥ Visiting Story Coffee for the first time in a while ♥ Successfully completing yet another coat of paint in the bedroom (it’s such a weird shape!) ♥ Finishing ordering gifts for Jack’s birthday ♥


Hey Thursday, you lovely thing, you! After the joy of having an actual day off this week, I’m pretty pumped about having successfully tidied the flat and got some DIY jobs ticked off my list (I’m so rock ‘n’ roll, ha). University is getting a bit scary as we roll towards the end of the year, but I’m pleased as punch to be able to be rolling along, nonetheless!


It’s weird to know that tomorrow is the 1st of July – we’re officially half-way through 2016! Crazy. I’ve been taking a look at my goals for the year and taking a look at what’s already happened in these six months and it feels completely mad. 2016 has been an utter rollercoaster so far, and I have no idea what the rest of it will hold in store for me..! Coupled with that and the fact that this is my 199th Things I Love Thursday post on the blog (!), I’m definitely feeling time begin to gallop along.


So, 2016, what next?


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