TILT #257

♥ Getting ever-closer to meeting our baby (we may not know when it will arrive, but each day we’re closer, right?!) ♥ Playing Kodama ♥ Snuggling on the sofa with Jack ♥ The way B curls up on my desk/in my arms (it’s hard for him to get on my lap right now!) ♥ Seeing Christmas decorations start to appear in our town ♥ Milk, yum! ♥ Finally receiving my Oui Fresh beauty boxes! ♥


Happy Thursday/last day of November! I’m feeling pretty knackered this week, and am quite ready for my almost-maternity leave to start (I finish placements this week, but I technically have university for the two weeks following!). Phew. Hope you’re having a grand week whatever you’re up to, and are feeling thankful for all that is good in your life!

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