TILT #269

♥ Arthur, Arthur, Arthur! ♥ Jack getting home from work early ♥ Walks in the sunshine ♥ Photos with Edie, Lisa & Paul ♥ Walking around Priory Park ♥ Giving Arthur a bath in our kitchen sink ♥ Afternoon tea with family ♥ Walking to Leigh ♥ Arthur’s laugh ♥ Delicious chocolate caramel from Hotel Chocolat (!) ♥ Delicious breakfast at The Brunch Co. ♥ Being very, very close to being up-to-date on Flickr ♥ Seeing Sarah for the first time this year ♥ Pancakes & freak shakes at Lemon Witch ♥ Snuggles with Arthur ♥


Thursday, Thursday, happy Thursday! This week has been pretty ace due to the bank holiday Monday (always good, unless you’re working it!). I’ve actually managed to get sunburnt twice, as I’ve been outside so much (I’m usually indoors in the summer, I find the heat difficult to deal with). Sunshine is so good for the soul! Hope you’ve had a good week and are looking forward to saying hello to June (!) tomorrow. Take care folks!

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