TILT #245

♥ Feeling our baby kick ♥ A flurry of DIY jobs getting finished ♥ Snuggling in bed with Jack, with his arm around my belly ♥ Playing L4D4 with Jack, Lousey and Luke ♥ Cookies and yoghurt ♥ Seeing the sea ♥ Days out with my mum and step dad ♥ Finally announcing our baby last week!


I woke up about an hour ago after having a horrible dream that I somehow managed to freak-out-breathe myself awake from. The second I was awake I could feel our baby wriggling about inside of me and a couple of hunger pangs told me to get out of bed and eat breakfast. So here I am, starting my day a lot earlier than normal in my summer holiday! Thinking of lovely happy things to banish horrible dreams..! Happy Thursday, friends.

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